@ the Leukemia Atlases

Acute leukemias are extremely heterogeneous cancers of the blood and bone marrow. No known single attributes account for the diversity in response of adult and pediatric leukemia patients to chemotherapy. To address this clinical challenge and shed insight in the underlying biology of leukemia, we developed the Leukemia Proteome Atlases.


The atlases display in an interactive format, results from applying MetaGalaxy, a novel computational pipeline we designed, to proteomic data from leukemia patients' bone marrow biopsies. Patient outcomes were followed for 6 months to >>6 years. MetaGalaxy identifies functional protein networks and a global network signature that are indicative of clinical outcomes for patients with acute leukemias.


The atlases are divided into Adult and Pediatric, and the type of diagnosed leukemia (acute myeloid or acute lymphoblastic leukemia). Both global networks, the result of analyzing all protein functional groups simultaneous for all patients, and signatures from the individual protein functional groups are provided. 

Overall, the Leukemia Proteome Atlases provide quantitative, molecular hallmarks of leukemia; a broadly applicable computational approach to quantifying heterogeneity and similarity in molecular data; and a guide to new therapeutic targets for leukemias.